The Helsinki central railway station is a well known landmark in central Helsinki. Originally built in 1860 it was rebuilt on a design by Eliel Saarinen in 1909, to accomodate the larger traffic volume. The station is mostly covered with Finnish granite, with its distinguishing features being its clock tower and the two pairs of statues holding the spherical lamps. 200000 passengers use the station every day.
01 Rautatientori square 02 Post office 03 Side view of railway station 04 Side view of railway station
05 Statues holding spherical lamps 06 Statues holding spherical lamps 07 Statues holding spherical lamps 08 Frontal view of railway station 09 Tower
10 Main entrance 11 Illuminated buildings on Rautatientori square at night 12 Rautatientori square at night
13 Rautatientori square at night
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