The Lahemaa national park is a coastal national park in Estonia, located along its northern, Baltic sea coast 60km east of Tallinn. The park has a total area of 725km² of which 475 km² are forests, lakes, rivers and peat bogs and 250 km² are sea area. The terrain is mostly flat, with the highest point at 115m asl. In the park there are a number of manors, including the 18th century Palmse manor which nowadays hosts a museum and the 18th century baroque Sagadi manor which has been converted to a hotel. All over the park there are a number of trails for visitors. The park hosts 840 plant species and 50 mammal species including brown bear, lynx and wolves.
01 Palmse manor 02 Sagadi manor 03 Gate to Sagadi manor 04 Forest trail near Oandu 05 Forest
06 Forest trail near Oandu 07 Forest 08 Forest trail near Oandu 09 Forest 10 Forest trail near Oandu
11 Forest 12 Vosu beach 13 Yellow pollen on Vosu beach
14 Vosu beach 15 Kasmu promontory
16 Kasmu cape 17 Kasmu promontory
18 Kasmu cape
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