The Siwa oasis is a large oasis in the west of Egypt, located about 300km southwest of Marsa Matrouh and 50km east of the Lybian border. It lies 12m below the sea level and measures 9 to 28km in width and 80km in length. Plenty of date palms and olive trees grow in Siwa. Siwa oasis has been settled since the 10th millenium BC and has been part of ancient Egypt since the 26th Dynasty, when a necropolis was established. Alexander the Great visited Siwa during his campaign against Persia to consult the oracle in the temple of Amun. Due to its isolated location Siwa has preserved its unique Berber culture over the centuries. The oasis is idyllic and offers plenty to see, from ruins of ancient temples and sites to desert scenery, the Siwa lake and ancient mud brick architecture.
01 Donkey 02 Minaret 03 Spring onions 04 Vegetables market
05 Vegetables market 06 Vegetables market 07 Siwa mosque 08 Fruit stall 09 House of Siwa museum
10 House of Siwa museum 11 House of Siwa museum 12 Roof cafe terrace 13 Shali bazaar 14 Shali bazaar
15 Shali bazaar 16 Fruit and vegetables shop 17 Siwa village 18 Siwa village 19 Siwa hotel at dusk
01 Shali fortress 02 Shali fortress 03 Shali fortress 04 Staircase 05 Narrow alley
06 Mud brick wall ruins 07 Mud brick wall ruins 08 Panoramic view of Shali fortress
09 Mud brick wall ruins 01 Panoramic view of Siwa
02 Panoramic view of Siwa 03 Date palm plantation
04 Date palm plantation 05 Juice bar at Cleopatra bath 06 Cleopatra bath pond 07 White egret
08 White egret 09 Pigeon houses 10 Desert and Siwa lake 11 Date palms
12 Panoramic view of Siwa
13 Panoramic view of Siwa
14 Date palms 15 Date palms 16 Siwa lake 17 Date palms 18 Tourist shop on Fatna island
19 Siwa lake 20 Siwa lake 21 Fatna island
22 Siwa lake 23 Fatna island
24 Siwa lake 01 Siwan men on staircase 02 Siwan men on staircase 03 Mountain of the Dead
04 Gebel al-Mawta 05 Mountain of the Dead 06 Gebel al-Mawta
07 Tomb 08 Mountain of the Dead 09 Gebel al-Mawta 10 Tomb
11 Tombs and view of Siwa 12 Tomb wall painting 13 Tomb
14 Mountain of the Dead 01 Outer wall 02 Temple of the Oracle 03 Outer wall
04 Ruins of the temple of the Oracle 05 Ruins of the temple of the Oracle 06 Corridor 07 Ruins
08 Ruins of the temple of the Oracle 09 Passage 10 Outer wall 11 Temple of the Oracle
01 Temple of Amun 02 Temple of Amun 03 Temple of Amun 04 Wall with Egyptian inscriptions 05 Wall with Egyptian inscriptions
06 Wall with Egyptian inscriptions 07 Egyptian bas-relief 08 Egyptian bas-relief 09 Egyptian bas-relief
01 Sand dunes 02 Sand dunes 03 4WD car in the desert
04 Sand dunes 05 Sand dunes 06 4WD car in the desert 07 Hot spring
08 Hot spring 09 Hot spring 10 Storm on sand dunes 11 Sand dunes
12 4WD cars 13 Cold spring desert lake 14 Cold spring desert lake 15 Cold spring desert lake
16 4WD cars and drivers 17 Cold spring desert lake 18 White rock fossile area 19 White rock fossile area
20 Sand dunes 21 Sand dunes 22 Desert sunset
23 Sand dunes 24 Sand dunes 25 Sand desert at sunset
26 Sand desert at sunset 27 Sand ripple patterns 28 Sand desert at sunset
29 Desert sunset
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