The triangular Sinai peninsula extends from the Mediterranean sea soutwards into the Rea Sea. It measures 400km from north to south and 200km east-west and is mostly desertic. The Sinai peninsula is relatively flat in the north and mountaineous in the south. The highest elevation is Mt St Catherine (2629m). Nearby lies the 2285m high Mount Sinai where supposedly Moses received the ten commandments from God. It attracts a large number of tourists who come to relax on its beautiful Red Sea coast and to visit the historic sights.
01 Nuweiba harbour 02 Coast guard ship 03 Ferry anchored in Nuweiba harbour 04 Harbour and mountains
05 Sea and Sinai mountains 06 Nuweiba and Sinai mountains 07 Trucks parked in the harbour 01 Beach with parasols
02 Beach with parasols 03 Beach with parasols 04 Coastline with floating jetty
05 Beach and floating jetty 06 Palms 07 Palms 08 Beach with parasols and palms
09 Beach with parasols 10 Crystal clear seawater 11 Rocky coast and staricase 12 Crystal clear seawater
13 Crystal clear seawater 14 Crystal clear seawater 15 Rocks along the coast 16 Flight 604 plane crash memorial
17 Crystal clear seawater 01 Chinese restaurant at night 02 Chinese restaurant tables 03 Pedestrian area at night 04 Electronics shop
05 Pedestrian area at night 06 Columnade at night 07 Naama Center mall 08 Naama bay pedestrian area
09 Naama bay pedestrian area 10 Tourist shop 11 Herbs and spices shop 12 Clothes shop 13 Pharmacy selling steroides
14 Naama bay beach at dusk 15 Restaurants in the evening 16 Restaurants in the evening 01 Sinai mountains
02 Road through the desert 03 Road through the desert 04 Road through the desert
05 Road through the desert 06 Road through the desert
07 Road through the desert 08 Sinai mountains 09 Sinai mountains 10 Sinai mountains
11 Sinai mountains 12 Sinai mountains 13 Sinai mountains 14 Sinai mountains
15 Sinai mountains 16 Taxi in the desert 17 Road through the desert 18 Acacia tree
19 Desert scenery 20 Desert scenery 21 Sinai mountains 22 Sinai mountains
23 Power line 24 Sinai mountains 25 Sinai mountains 26 Road through the desert
27 Telecommunications tower and power line 28 Acacia tree 01 Parking with souvenir shops 02 Path to St Catherine monastery
03 Path to St Catherine monastery 04 St Catherine monastery 05 Walls of St Catherine monastery 06 Walls of St Catherine monastery
07 St Catherine monastery 08 St Catherine monastery valley 09 St Catherine monastery valley 10 Walls of St Catherine monastery
11 Walls of St Catherine monastery 12 St Catherine monastery 13 St Catherine monastery 14 St Catherine monastery
15 St Catherine monastery 16 St Catherine monastery 17 St Catherine monastery 18 St Catherine monastery
19 St Catherine monastery 20 St Catherine monastery 21 St Catherine monastery 22 St Catherine monastery
23 Mountain cliff 24 Mountain cliff 25 Dromedaries
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