Luxor is the most important tourist centre along the Nile in the upper Nile valley. The sights in Luxor represent Egypt's greatest attraction after the pyramids, since no fewer than eight of the twelve highlights of ancient Egypt are found here. Luxor lies on the site of ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, the ceremonial capital of ancient Egypt and its administrative capital during the 11th dynasty. Touristic and archaeological highlights in or near Luxor include the temples of Luxor and Karnak on the east bank of the Nile river, the Valley of the Kings and Queens and the temple of Hatshepsut on the western bank. Luxor is a good basis from which to explore the sites of Dendera and Abydos further north and the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu further south along the Nile valley.
01 Sphinx avenue 02 First pylon and obelisk 03 Red granite obelisk 04 Red granite obelisk 05 Red granite obelisk 06 Red granite obelisk 07 Carvings on red granite obelisk
08 Carvings on red granite obelisk 09 Temple entrance 10 Bust of pharao 11 Inside the temple
12 Connecting stones with carvings 13 Stone carvings depicting pharaos and Egyptian gods 14 Abu el-Haggag mosque
15 Sitting Ramesses II statue 16 Sitting Ramesses II statue 17 Stone carvings 18 Egyptian god Thoth 19 Stone carvings 20 Isis goddess
21 Broken columns 22 Carvings on obelisk 23 Carvings on obelisk 24 Hypostyle hall 25 Bas-relief 26 Bas-relief 27 Statues of pharao and queen
28 Hypostyle hall 29 Hypostyle hall 30 Colonnade 31 Pillars 32 Hypostyle hall
33 Hypostyle hall 34 Hypostyle hall 35 Bas-relief with original colours 36 Bas-relief 37 Bas-relief 38 Gate
39 Double row of columns 40 Hypostyle hall 41 Hypostyle hall 42 Hypostyle hall 43 Hypostyle hall at night
44 Hypostyle hall at night 45 Luxor temple at night 46 Columns at night
47 Luxor temple at night 48 Luxor temple at night
01 Front view of temple and main entrance 02 Ram-headed sphinxes 03 Ram-headed sphinxes 04 First pylon
05 Great court and view of second pylon 06 Column 07 Statue of Ramses II 08 Column with bas-relief 09 Bas-reliefs on wall
10 Bas-reliefs on wall 11 Columns in hypostyle hall 12 Columns in hypostyle hall 13 Detail of columns 14 Bas-relief with pharaoh and goddess Hathor
15 Bas-relief with Egyptian gods 16 Columns 17 Bust of pharaoh 18 Bas-relief 19 Carved columns
20 Wall with hieroglyphs 21 Hieroglyphs carved on obelisk 22 Hatshepsut obelisk and fifth pylon 23 Hatshepsut obelisk
24 Obelisk with carved hieroglyphs 25 Hieroglyphs carved into obelisk 26 Hatshepsut obelisk 27 Sacred lake
28 Fallen obelisk of Hatshepsut 29 Fallen obelisk of Hatshepsut 30 Tourists among columns
31 Sanctuary of Amun-Ra at sunset 32 Papyrus shaped columns 33 Gate and columns 34 Granite pillar 35 Bust of pharaoh
01 Hatshepsut temple and surrounding hills 02 Hatshepsut temple and surrounding hills 03 View of Hatshepsut temple
04 Front view of Hatshepsut temple 05 Statues of pharaohs 06 Statue of pharaoh 07 Columns 08 Columns
09 Hathor chapel 10 Bas-relief showing pharaoh 11 Gate 12 Bas-relief showing pharaoh 13 Column and pharaoh statue 14 Pharaoh statue and hills 15 Head of Hatshepsut
16 Column with goddess Hathor 17 Falcon statue 18 Carved pillar 19 Bas-relief showing Egyptian god Anubis 20 Bas-relief showing pharaoh 21 Bas-relief with hieroglyphs
22 Wall painting showing the god Anubis 23 Wall painting showing god Anubis and gifts 24 Hieroglyph 25 Painted bas-relief 26 Bas-relief
27 Hill range 28 Hill 01 Left statue 02 Right statue
03 Memnon colossi statues 01 Road leading to the Valley of the Kings 02 Valley of kings 03 Hills surrounding the archaeological site
04 Bas-relief showing pharaoh 05 Bas-relief showing pharaoh 06 Hieroglyphs 07 Bas-relief showing Egyptian gods 08 Unfinished wall painting
09 Unfinished wall painting 10 Coffin 11 Painted wall 12 Bas-relief showing pharaoh 01 Riverfront
02 Riverfront in the morning 03 Cruise ships anchored in Luxor 04 Floating restaurant 05 Nile cruise ship
06 Tourist boat 07 Tourist boat 08 View of Nile riverfront with hotels 09 Dromedary (camel)
10 Dromedaries along river bank 11 Nile river bank 12 Nile river bank 13 Nile river bank with bird
14 Nile river bank 15 Nile river bank with children 16 Nile river sunset 17 Nile river sunset 01 Feluccas in the harbour
02 Felucca and tourist boats 03 Felucca sail 04 Felucca on the Nile 05 Felucca on the Nile 06 Felucca on the Nile 07 Felucca on the Nile
08 Feluccas on the Nile in the evening 09 Feluccas on the Nile in the evening 10 Felucca on the Nile in the evening 11 Feluccas on the Nile in the evening
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