East Asia is a more modern term for the traditional name Far East. The region includes China, Japan, Mongolia, North and South Korea and Taiwan. With a total of 1.5 billion people East Asia is heavily populated; its population density is 131 inhabitants/sq. km, which is about three times the world average of 45 inhabitants/sq. km. The main religions in this area are Taoism, Buddhism and Shinto. With the exception of North Korea the countries of this region have either developed economies or rapidly developing economies. Culturally the region is strongly permeated by the Confucian philosophy. People in this region place strong value on hard work and education. East Asia is home to ancient civilisations.
China photo gallery  - 3599 pictures of China
Japan photo gallery  - 670 pictures of Japan
South Korea photo gallery  - 355 pictures of South Korea
Taiwan photo gallery  - 647 pictures of Taiwan
3599 photos of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Yunnan, Guanxi, Xian, Chengdu, Lhasa, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Dalian, Dunhuang, Hangzhou and the Three Gorges region
670 photos of Japan, a large island country in east Asia with a powerful economy and a unique cultural heritage
355 photos of Seoul, the capital of South Korea and of the cities of Busan (Pusan) and Gyeongju
647 photos of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, including Taipei 101, currently the world's tallest building
Mongolia photo gallery  - 211 pictures of Mongolia
211 photos of Mongolia, a large land-locked country in northeast Asia, home to the 13th century Mongol empire
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