Kronborg is a Danish renessaince fortress located at the outskirts of Helsingør, which in the past controlled the Øresund strait at its narrowest point. The castle was initially built in 1420 by king Eric of Pomerania, and expanded or rebuilt a number of times until the 20th century. Today the castle is no longer used for military purposes and is open for the public. The Kronborg castle has been a UNESCO world heritage site since the year 2000. Despite claims that it is one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe, the castle itself is not too impressive from an architectural point of view.
01 Cannon 02 Gate and bridge over moat 03 Brohus cafe 04 Brohus cafe 05 Bridge over moat
06 Main gate 07 Barrack 08 Barrack 09 Tower 10 Row of cannons
11 Kronborg castle 12 Kronborg castle 13 Inner court 14 Inner court 15 Tower
16 Inner court 17 Kronborg castle 18 Kronborg castle
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