The Kastellet is a well-preserved Renaissance citadel in the form of a star fortress (pentagram with bastions at its corners) located at the northeastern end of Copenhagen. The Kastellet is surrounded by a moat which nowadays is a park with trees. It was part of the ring of bastioned ramparts which in the past surrounded Copenhagen but of which only the ramparts of Christianshavn are left today. The entrance to the Kastellet is free. Inside there are a number of buildings (soldier barracks, a church, military staff headquarters, some windmills). The Kastellet was built in the 17th century.
01 Windmill on rampart 02 Moat 03 Windmill on rampart 04 Tree-lined path
05 Moat 06 View through Zealand gate
07 Panoramic view with gate and barracks
08 Rows of barracks 09 Commander house 10 Church building
11 Soldier barracks 12 King gate 13 Trees growing on the walls 14 Trees growing on the walls
15 Moat with Gefion fountain and St Alban Anglican church 16 Gefion fountain 17 Bridge on moat
18 Moat 19 Gefion fountain 20 Little mermaid statue
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