A selection of pictures of the New Town (Nove Mesto), the area around the Wenceslas and Charles squares. This quarter which was founded in 1348 by Charles IV is twice as large as the Old Town and was inhabited by artisans. In the 19th century most old buildings were demolished and new ones were built.
01 Ginger and Fred building at sunset 02 Ginger and Fred building at sunset 03 Ginger and Fred building at sunset 04 Masarykovo street at sunset 05 Building along Masarykovo street
06 Masarykovo street 07 National theatre 08 National theatre 09 National theatre roof 10 Na Prikope street and pedestrian area
11 Wenceslas square with Koruna building 12 Koruna (Crown) building 13 Advertising flags along Koruna building 14 Fast food stall in Wenceslas square 15 Pedestrian area
16 National museum 17 Hotel Europa and Hotel Meran 18 Wenceslas square
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