Prague, the capital of the Czech republic, is a beautiful Central European city with renaissance palaces, Gothic cathedrals, narrow winding lanes, baroque domes, stone bridges and Art Nouveau facades. While the area around Prague has been settled since prehistoric times, the birth of the city took place in the 9th century AD, when a castle was set up in the area. In the subsequent centuries Prague developed economically and culturally as the centre of Bohemia. Since the fall of communism in the Czech republic at the beginning of the 1990s Prague has transformed itself from a beautiful East bloc capital into a vibrant and dynamic city, from a development point of view at the same level as any Western European capital. While performing this transition it has managed to retain its rich cultural heritage and charm. Prague has 1.2 million inhabitants.
Old Town and Jewish Quarter photo gallery  - 24 pictures of Old Town and Jewish Quarter
Old Town Square photo gallery  - 22 pictures of Old Town Square
Prague Castle and Hradcany area photo gallery  - 29 pictures of Prague Castle and Hradcany area
Mala Strana and Left Bank photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Mala Strana and Left Bank
Vltava River and Bridges photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Vltava River and Bridges
24 photos of the area of Prague east of the Vltava river.
22 photos of the Old Town square, the centre of Prague where the town started growing in the 11th century.
29 photos of the Prague castle and the Hradcany area.
14 photos of Mala Strana, the quarter at the foot of the Prague castle.
19 photos of the Vltava river, the river which crosses Prague.
Modern Prague photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Modern Prague
New Town (Nove Mesto) photo gallery  - 18 pictures of New Town (Nove Mesto)
Panoramas and Views photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Panoramas and Views
Prague by Night photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Prague by Night
13 photos of the area around the Andel shopping complex, which represent the modern side of Prague.
18 photos of the New Town, the area around the Wenceslas and Charles squares.
11 panoramic views of Prague.
13 photos of Prague by night.
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