The Lednice castle consists of a number of beige colour wings with an adjacent glass house, surrounded by a park. One of the central wings is a church built in Gothic style. The castle was built in the late 17th century by the House of Liechtenstein who employed German and Italian artists for its design. In the 19th century it was remodeled in Neo-Gothic style. The castle is richly decorated, both on the outside and in the interior which contains an amazing staircase carved out of one piece of wood.
01 Castle wing 02 Castle wing 03 Castle wing and chapel 04 Chapel 05 Tower of the chapel
06 Church facade 07 Tower 08 Castle wings and church 09 Lednice castle
10 Eastern facade 11 Side view of Lednice castle 12 Eastern facade
13 Lednice castle 14 Eastern facade
15 Eastern facade 16 Window 17 Coat of arms 18 Roof detail 19 Column decorations
20 Coats of arms 21 Angel with shields 22 Church pulpit 23 Church interior 24 Church interior
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