As many other cities in the Czech republic Cesky Krumlov (German name: Krummau) was founded in the 13th century in a strategically convenient position, at a ford in the Vltava river. Initially a castle was built, after which colonists started to settle the area. Following the discovery of silver deposits in the region Cesky Krumlov prospered. After World War II the German speaking population was expelled. Nowadays Cesky Krumlov is a tourist magnet, due to its largely intact historic core and its impressive castle. Cesky Krumlov has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1992.
01 House facade in old town 02 Market square 03 Caste tower 04 Caste tower 05 Marian column
06 Market square 07 Caste tower 08 Alley in the old town 09 Alley in the old town 10 Alley in the old town
11 Street musicians 12 Trdelnik sweet bread roll 13 Caste tower 14 Asian bride 15 Castle passageway
16 Castle gate 17 Cesky Krumlov
18 Market square 19 Caste tower 20 Krumlov castle at night
21 Krumlov castle at night 22 Market square 23 Monna Lisa cafe
24 Restaurants 25 Pension U Kaplicky and blue post car 26 Historic centre of Cesky Krumlov 27 Krumlov castle
28 Cesky Krumlov
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