The St Barnabas monastery lies 8 km northwest of Famagusta and consists of a church building with a garden surrounded by a wall and a mausoleum where the remains of St Barnabas are supposed to be buried. The current structures were built in the 1750s. The church nowadays is desecrated and has been converted to a museum. Between the church and the mausoleum there is a small archaeological site, where excavations are ongoing. The Saint Magar monastery (also known as Sourp Magar or Սուրբ Մակար in Armenian) is an Armenian monastery located in the North Cyprus coastal mountain range at 530m of altitude. The monastery nowadays ia abandoned and consists of a set of ruins, some dating back to the 19th century. Also the church of Christ Antiphonitis (Χριστός Ἀντιφωνητής in Greek) is located on the northern slopes of the coastal mountain range. It is a Greek Orthodox church, dating back to the 12th century, in a quite good preservation status. Access to the church is granted by a caretaker who will open the door to visitors. Inside the church building are a number of frescoes. Nowadays the church is a museum.
01 St Barnabas monastery 02 St Barnabas monastery tower 03 St Barnabas monastery 04 St Barnabas tower
05 Facade of St Barnabas church 06 St Barnabas monastery 07 St Barnabas church hall
08 St Barnabas church hall 09 St Barnabas church hall 10 St Barnabas church hall
11 St Barnabas excavations 12 St Barnabas mausoleum 13 St Barnabas monastery
14 Saint Magar Armenian monastery 15 Sourp Magar monastery 16 St Magar Armenian monastery 17 Sourp Magar monastery
18 St Magar monastery 19 Saint Magar eastern facade 20 Sourp Magar monastery 21 Sourp Magar monastery
22 Saint Magar monastery 23 St Magar eastern facade
24 Sourp Magar eastern side 25 Antifonitis church 26 Antifonitis church court 27 Antiphonitis church
28 Antifonitis church interior 29 Antifonitis church hall 30 Antiphonitis Greek Orthodox church 31 Dome of Antifonitis church
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