Kourion is an archaeological site located along the southern coast of Cyprus 16km west of Limassol. Except for one building near the pebble stone beach all structures are on a hill overlooking the sea. From the car parking visitors initially access the theatre and the ruins of the house of Estolios which are protected by a wooden roof. More structures and the agora are a few hundred metres to the west. The area of Kourion has been settled since Neolithic times while the city of Kourion was first established during the Mycenaean and Dorian invasions around 1200 BC. The current structures however all date back to the Roman period. Below the Kourion site there is a long pebble stone beach with plenty of wind, suitable for windsurfing or kitesurfing.
01 Beach 02 Pebble stone beach 03 Beach 04 Pebble stone beach
05 Romann ruins 06 Parking
07 Kourion archaeological site 08 Greco-Roman theatre 09 Greco-Roman theatre
10 Mosaics in house of Estolios 11 House of Estolios 12 House of Estolios
13 House of Estolios 14 Kourion archaeological site
15 Greco-Roman theatre 16 Kourion
17 Staircase 18 Kourion ruins
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