The Dolac market is a fruit and vegetable open air market located just north of the Ban Jelacic square. Besides fruits and vegetables it is possible to buy ornamental plants. In the halls below the market meat and poultry is sold. The Arena centar shopping mall is located at the outskirts of Zagreb, just south of the Sava river. It's a modern mall, containing 10 large and over 200 small to mid-sized stores and kiosks, mostly selling fashion but also electronics, as well as a large supermarket (Interspar) and a food court. There are two City center one malls in Zagreb, the City center one East and the City center one West. The lattter is a modern mall (in yellow colour) with several shops and outlets over two floors. It was opened in 2006 and has a food court.
01 Dolac market 02 Dolac market 03 Green peppers 04 Tangerines
05 Dolac market 06 Dolac market 07 Arena centar shopping mall 08 Arena centar mall
09 Arena centar mall 10 Arena centar mall 11 Arena centar mall 12 Food court in Arena centar mall
13 Pull Bear outlet in Arena centar mall 14 Arena sports hall 15 Dolac market
16 Parking of City Center one mall 17 City center one mall 18 City center one mall
19 City center one mall 20 City center one mall
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