Between the Ban Jelacic square and the central train station there are a number of 19th century Habsburg era buildings built in Neoclassical style, which nowadays house museums and government units. The Zagreb Glavni kolodvor (Zagreb main station) was completed in 1892 and is 186m long. The Croatian railways building is the headquarter of the Croatian railways. The Croatian national theatre is a yellow building with a capacity of 709 people, which was completed in 1894. It is a theatre, opera and ballet house. The Museum of arts and crafts was set up in 1880 and has architecture, ceramics, clocks and watches and musical instruments collections.
01 Zrinjevac park 02 Zrinjevac park 03 Supreme court of Croatia 04 Fountain in Zrinjevac park
05 Fountain in Zrinjevac park 06 Ministry of foreign affairs 07 Train station
08 Central station 09 Croatian railways building 10 Croatian railways building
11 Croatian state archives 12 Croatian state archives
13 Museum of arts and crafts 14 Croatian national theatre
15 Croatian national theatre 16 University of Zagreb 17 Preradovica square 18 Orthodox cathedral
19 Zrinjevac park 20 Zrinjevac park 21 Supreme court of Croatia 22 Zrinjevac park and archaeological museum 23 Croatian academy of sciences and arts
24 Art pavilion 25 Croatian national theatre 26 Museum of arts and crafts 27 Croatian national theatre
28 Croatian national theatre
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