Zadar is small city of 75000 inhabitants located on the Mediterranean coast of Croatia, about halfway between Pula and Split, 200km southwest of Zagreb. The area around Zadar has been inhabited since the Stone age and the first settlement was established by the Liburnians in the 9th century BC. It became part of the Roman empire in 59 BC and was later ruled by the Byzantines, Croatians, Venetians, Austrians and Italians before becoming part of the new Croatian republic in 1991.
The historic centre of Zadar is on a small peninsula and consists mostly of 19th century buildings. Only a handful of older structures (mainly churches) still exist, of which the Roman Forum is the biggest one. Zadar has a small harbour for yachts and sailboats and receives international ferries from Ancona.
How to get to Zadar
Zadar can be reached by car, by ferry from Ancona and some Croatian cities and even has a small international airport with flights to some European cities.
There are many hotels and guesthouses, most bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Zadar skyline
02 Zadar skyline
03 Waterfront and harbour 04 Pedestrian bridge 05 Anchored sailboats
06 Sky over Zadar 07 Red submarine 08 City gate 09 People square 10 People square
11 Clock tower 12 Old town alley 13 Old town building 14 Old town alley 15 Old town alley 16 Historic centre
17 Western waterfront 18 Western waterfront 19 Sun and sea 20 Western waterfront
21 Western waterfront 22 Western waterfront 23 St Donatus church 24 St Elias orthodox church 25 St Elias orthodox church
26 St Donatus church tower 27 Roman forum 28 St Mary church 29 St Donatus church tower
30 Cafe with tables
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