The old town of Dubrovnik is surrounded by a 2km long wall and is essentially a big pedestrian area. It's small enough to be completely explored in a day or two at most. The harbour area is guarded by two forts, the St John and Revelin fortresses. The 1667 earthquake destroyed the entire city, only leaving two Renessaince-era buildings intact, the Sponza palace and the Rector's palace. All buldings in the city are built in white/grey stone and red roof tiles, except for the churches which have grey roofs. All over the old town there are souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. Cars have to be left outside, as there are no car parkings within the city walls.
01 Staircase 02 Staircase 03 Stradun pedestrian area 04 Stradun street 05 Stradun street
06 Square with Sponza palace 07 Old town 08 Cathedral of the assumption 09 Cathedral of the assumption 10 Cathedral of the assumption
11 City walls 12 Alley 13 Bell tower 14 St Saviour church 15 St Saviour church 16 St Saviour church
17 Stradun street 18 Stradun street 19 City walls 20 Cafe on the rocks 21 Harbour
22 Harbour 23 St John fortress 24 Bell tower 25 Ramparts and tower 26 Watchtower
27 St John fortress 28 Staircase 29 St Saviour church 30 Gundulic square 31 Bell tower
32 Harbour 33 City walls 34 Sponza palace 35 Sponza palace
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