Brač is a Croatian island located along the Dalmatian coast, a few hundred km south of Zagreb and 5-10 km from the mainland. It extends for 40km from east to west and 13 km from north to south, with a total area of 396 km². The highest elevation of the island is Mount Vidova Gora (780m).
Brač has a couple of interesting old monasteries (Pustinja Blaca and a Dominican monastery in Bol), but the main reason to visit the island is its coast. Along the southern coast near Bol lies the most popular beach, Zlatni Rat (golden cape). It is a promontory composed mostly of pebble stones which extends for 200-300m into the sea with long, beautiful beaches on both sides.
How to get to Brač
Brač has an airport located in the south of the island, not far from Bol. The airport is currently being expanded so that it can handle standard Airbus A320 jets. It has seasonal flights to Bozen, Milan and Zagreb. There are car ferry services in Supetar (to/from Split) and Sumartin (to/from Makarska). Getting to the mainland takes less than one hour.
Brač is a tourist hotspot with plenty of accomodation options (hotels, apartments etc.), most bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Street in Bol 02 Street in Bol 03 Zlatni Rat beach 04 Golden horn beach
05 Zlatni Rat beach 06 Parasailing 07 View towards Hvar island
08 Bay 09 Beach umbrellas on Zlatni Rat 10 Beach umbrellas on Zlatni Rat 11 Zlatni Rat beach
12 Beach umbrellas on Zlatni Rat 13 Crystal clear turquoise seawater 14 Crystal clear turquoise seawater 15 Crystal clear turquoise seawater
16 Crystal clear turquoise seawater 17 Zlatni Rat beach
18 Zlatni Rat beach 19 People swimming in the sea
20 Crystal clear turquoise seawater 21 Parasailing 22 Parasailing 23 Crystal clear turquoise seawater
24 Crystal clear turquoise seawater 25 Golden horn beach 26 Zlatni Rat beach 27 Zlatni Rat beach 28 Zlatni Rat beach
29 Golden horn beach 30 Zlatni Rat beach 31 Zlatni Rat beach 32 Golden horn beach
33 Bol waterfront 34 Panoramic view of Bol 35 Bol and Zlatni Rat beach 36 Panoramic view of Bol
37 Panoramic view of Bol
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