Hangzhou is a relatively unexciting city during the day, but it really shines at night when thousands of neon lights are switched on and the lake, its musical fountain and most temples and pagodas in and around Hangzhou are illuminated. The entire area gets a magical look, as in a fairy tale. At 10pm a number of lights are switched off.
01 Street in the evening 02 Hotel Hyatt 03 Hotel Hyatt 04 Waterfront promenade along lake 05 Illuminated pavilion 06 Illuminated pavilion
07 Baochu pagoda on Baoshi hill 08 Hangzhou skyline 09 Baochu pagoda and Hangzhou skyline
10 Hangzhou skyline 11 Baochu pagoda on Baoshi hill 12 Neon lights, shops and restaurants
13 Colourful musical fountain 14 Colourful musical fountain 15 Colourful musical fountain 16 Colourful musical fountain 17 Jiefang road
18 Jiefang road with neon lights 19 Jiefang road and Ferrari dealership 20 Illuminated shops on Nanshan road 21 Pavement and trees on Nanshan road 22 Pavement and trees on Nanshan road
23 Xi hu West lake 24 Xi hu West lake
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