The Qiongzhu Si (also known as Bamboo temple), 12km northwest of Kunming, is a Chinese temple which dates back to the Tang dinasty. Burned down and rebuilt in the 15th century, it was restored between 1883 and 1890. The temple contains some beautiful carvings and wood structures.
01 Gate 02 Chinese gate 03 Water vase and gate 04 Turtle statue 05 Dragon statue 06 Round gate
07 Incense sticks container 08 Incense sticks 09 Incense sticks 10 Inner court 11 View of temple 12 Roof detail
13 Buddha statue 14 Red columns and roof detail 15 Decorated door panels 16 Decorated door panels 17 Red columns, bells and roof detail 18 Coloured wooden carvings
19 Coloured wooden carvings 20 Inner court and shrine 21 Decorated door 22 Coloured wooden carvings 23 Coloured wooden carvings
24 Inner court 25 Wooden carvings 26 Wooden carvings 27 Wooden carvings
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