Photos of Dali's old town, which is located at the foot of the Cangshan mountain on the west side of the Erhai Lake. Dali was set up during the Ming dynasty in 1382 as the capital of the Dali kingdom. Today only the south and north gate towers are left intact. Dali is a pleasant town with well-preserved traditional houses of the Bai minority.
01 Downtown Dali 02 Gate to public park 03 Gate to public park 04 Fuxing street and people 05 Bai architecture building
06 Shops 07 Public library building 08 Street with shops and trees 09 Canal 10 Canal
11 Bai house 12 Fuxing street 13 Fuxing street 14 Fuxing street 15 Roofs
16 Roofs 17 Fuxing street 18 Roofs 19 Xi Men mosque
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