Urumqi (Wulumuqi in Chinese) is the capital of the province of Xinjiang in the west of China. The city has slightly over 2 million inhabitants and is clean and well organised, with relatively clean air and blue skies (compared to other cities in China). It's a relatively modern city, with very little old architecture, but it has its own character and flair, being essentially a mix of a modern Chinese town and a Central Asian metropolis. Urumqi is the gateway to Xinjiang for all those arriving by plane.
Around the Erdaoqiao grand bazaar photo gallery  - 23 pictures of Around the Erdaoqiao grand bazaar
Downtown Urumqi photo gallery  - 18 pictures of Downtown Urumqi
Urumqi by night photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Urumqi by night
Miscellaneous photos photo gallery  - 7 pictures of Miscellaneous photos
23 photos of the area around the Erdaoqiao grand bazaar in Urumqi with the shops, bazaars, the mosque and main square
18 photos of downtown Urumqi with the Renmin city square, Zhongshan road, the train station and more
14 photos of Urumqi by night
7 miscellaneous photos of Urumqi, including the airport and the streets
People in Urumqi photo gallery  - 8 pictures of People in Urumqi
Renmin Gongyuan park photo gallery  - 8 pictures of Renmin Gongyuan park
8 photos of people in Urumqi, mainly of the Uighur ethnic group
8 photos of the Renmin Gongyuan park, a large green area in Urumqi
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