Qingdao, also known as Tsingtao, is a city in the east of Shandong. It is a major seaport, naval base, industrial center (the Haier Corporation, a major electronics firm, is located here) and the site of the famous Tsingtao Brewery, founded in 1903 by the Germans. Qingdao is a former German colony and retains many well-preserved colonial buildings. In and around Qingdao there are many beaches which attract many Chinese tourists.
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Colonial architecture photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Colonial architecture
Downtown Qingdao photo gallery  - 17 pictures of Downtown Qingdao
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16 photos of the beaches and the coastline in and around Qingdao
16 photos of many colonial era buildings in Qingdao, most of them built by the Germans
17 photos of downtown Qingdao
8 panoramic views of Qingdao and of its skyline
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