Xian is an over 3000 years old city, which once competed with Rome and later Constantinople for the title of greatest city in the world. Today Xian is the largest and most developed city in the central to northwestern part of China and is ranked among the 10 largest cities in the nation. It is a major tourist attraction due to the famous Army of Terracotta warriors, which lies near the city. Xian also has an Islamic element, as the city is home to a Chinese Islamic community.
01 Hotel Royal Garden 02 Pavement and people 03 Pavement and red balloons 04 Bei Dajie street 05 China Post building
06 Buildings along Beidajie street 07 Kaiyuan shopping mall 08 Kaiyuan shopping mall
09 China Post Building 10 Bell tower square and Bei Dajie 11 Bei Dajie street 12 Bei Dajie street
13 Parkson department store 14 Hyatt hotel 15 Century Ginwa shopping complex at night 16 Restaurants at night 01 Chinese gate
02 Delicacies shop 03 Delicacies shop 04 Nuts and dried fruits shop 05 Nuts and dried fruits shop 06 Nuts and dried fruits shop 07 Nuts and dried fruits shop
08 Roasted ducks stall 09 Roasted ducks 10 Bronze lion statue 11 Chinese gate 12 People walking along the pavement 13 People walking along the pavement
14 Cooks frying seafood 15 Steamed dumplings 16 Steamed dumplings 17 Lady selling steamed dumplings 18 Lady selling steamed dumplings
01 Bell tower 02 Bell tower 03 Bell tower 04 Big bronze bell 05 Bell tower roof decorations
06 Bell tower 07 Bell tower 08 View of square 09 Red drums
10 Red drums 11 Red drums 12 Drum tower decorations 13 Bell tower at night
14 Bell tower at night 01 Pathway at dusk 02 Stone gate 03 Stone gate
04 Chinese mosque and court 05 Wooden gate 06 Carpeted mosque interior 01 Buildings at sunset
02 Buildings at sunset 03 Buildings at sunset 04 Buildings at sunset 01 Persimmon fruits 02 Staircase to tomb of Qin Shihuang
03 Tomb of Qin Shihuang 04 Child street artist 05 Flowerbed 06 Flowerbed 07 Pavement and people
08 Kites 09 People sitting on stone chairs 10 Dried fruits stall at night 11 Fast food restaurant 12 Airport 13 Airport
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