Xian is an over 3000 years old city, which once competed with Rome and later Constantinople for the title of greatest city in the world. Today Xian is the largest and most developed city in the central to northwestern part of China and is ranked among the 10 largest cities in the nation. It is a major tourist attraction due to the famous Army of Terracotta warriors, which lies near the city. Xian also has an Islamic element, as the city is home to a Chinese Islamic community.
Downtown Xian photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Downtown Xian
Dongdajie Food Market photo gallery  - 18 pictures of Dongdajie Food Market
Bell Tower Square photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Bell Tower Square
Daqingzhen Si Mosque photo gallery  - 6 pictures of Daqingzhen Si Mosque
16 photos of downtown Xian
18 photos of a food market in central Xian
14 photos of the Bell and Drum towers in central Xian
6 photos of the Daqingzhen Si mosque in Xian
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Miscellaneous photos photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Miscellaneous photos
4 photos of a beautiful sunset in Xian
13 miscellaneous photos of Xian
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