The Mazu Tin Hau temple is another Chinese temple dedicated to the goddess Mazu, patronness of the sailors. It lies in a peaceful setting on top of a hill overlooking Taipa island. The temple is beautiful and richly decorated and probably has been built or renovated recently. On a hill near the temple there is a large white statue of the goddess Mazu.
01 Gate to temple road 02 Gate to temple road 03 View of temple and statue of goddess Mazu
04 View of temple and statue of goddess Mazu 05 Staircase to temple 06 Staircase and stone carvings
07 Tiger stone carving 08 Main gate 09 Main gate 10 Ornamental roof
11 Decorated door 12 Inner court 13 Inner court
14 Main building 15 Ornamental roof 16 Main gate 17 Incense burner 18 Pillar with stone carvings
19 Altar with statue of god 20 Altar with statue of goddess 21 Stone carvings on wall 22 Stone carvings on wall
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