The Nanjing Museum, located in the capital of Jiangsu Province, China, spans 70,000 square meters and is renowned for being one of the country's largest museums. Housing over 400,000 items, its extensive collection includes notable Ming and Qing imperial porcelain, among the world's largest. Originating in 1933 as part of the National Central Museum, the Nanjing Museum flourished despite political upheavals. Designed by Liang Sicheng in the 1930s, its architectural blend of Chinese and Western styles showcases a rich history. The museum's twelve exhibition halls feature diverse treasures, including a unique suit of armor crafted from small jade tiles held together by gold wire.
01 Nanjing museum 02 Nanjing museum 03 Nanjing museum 04 Nanjing museum
05 Spinning and weaving bas-relief 06 Jade clothes sewn with golden thread 07 Jade clothes sewn with golden thread 08 Jade clothes sewn with golden thread
09 Bronze bell 10 Bronze horse statue 11 Ox-shaped bronze lamp 12 Bronze chariot model
13 Bronze swords 14 Bronze Niu bells 15 Bronze Niu bell 16 Bronze Niu bells
17 Jiangsu ancient civilisation hall 18 Pottery 19 Vases 20 Qing Dynasty large screen with enamel front and black lacquer
21 White glazed porcelain mirror box with black floral design 22 Celadon porcelain covered jar 23 Eunuch ad palace guard pottery figurines 24 Camel and warrior figurines 25 Tri-colored camel pottery
26 Pottery standing figurine in Hu dress 27 Seven sages of the bamboo grave on brick wall 28 God with feather leading dragon brick wall 29 Celadon porcelain vessel with monster design
30 Round jade for astronomical studies 31 Jade sword 32 Jade axe 33 Gilt copper Buddha statue 34 Gilt copper Buddha statue of Sakyamuni 35 Gilt copper Buddha statue of green Tara
36 Gilt copper statue of Amitayus Buddha 37 Dharmachakra wheel 38 Nanjing museum 39 Nanjing museum
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