Some photos of the pictoresque Yulong He river near Yangshuo. The river passes along karst scenery with beautiful limestone rock formations. Bamboo rafting on the Yulong He is a comfortable way to explore the region. The local people practice cormorant fishing in this river.
01 Scenery with karst hills 02 Karst scenery with peaks 03 Bamboo rafting 04 Scenery 05 Hill and reflection
06 Woman crossing river 07 Scenery 08 Bamboo rafting 09 Hill and reflection 10 Karst scenery with peaks
11 Scenery with bamboo plants 12 Peaks 13 Bamboo plants 14 Peaks 15 Peaks 16 Tourist boats at sunset
17 Tourist boats at sunset 18 Tourist boats at sunset 19 Sunset 20 Sunset
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