The Reed Flute Cave near Guilin is the most spectacular caves I have seen so far in Asia. It's a huge underground cave system with stunning rock formations, stalagmites and stalactites, illuminated with coloured lights. The cave can hold comfortably 1000 people.
01 Stalactites 02 Stalactites 03 Rock formations 04 Mushroom shaped rock formations 05 Mushroom shaped rock formations 06 Rock formations
07 Rock formations 08 Rock formations 09 Rock formations 10 Rock formations 11 Rock formations 12 Stalagmites and other rock formations
13 Rock formations 14 Rock formations 15 Red rose rock formation 16 Red rose rock formation 17 Stalactites and other rock formations 18 Stalactites and other rock formations
19 Stalactites and other rock formations 20 Cave reflection 21 Cave reflection 22 Main chamber 23 Cave reflections
24 Cave reflections
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