The centre of Shenzhen is not simply a huge conglomerate of skyscrapers and modern buildings. Development, at least in central Shenzhen, has taken a controlled path and as a result downtown Shenzhen is now a relatively liveable area with large street, wide pavements and enough green areas and space. The new city hall building is an example of proper urban planning. Shenzhen has a good local transport network.
01 Chinese cook kneading dough 02 Chinese cook preparing dough 03 Chinese cook kneading dough 04 Street and skyscrapers 05 Skyscrapers 06 Yellow flowers
07 Pink flowers 08 Billboard with ads 09 Billboard with ads 10 Pedestrian area and shops 11 Underground station
12 Passengers in subway 13 Atrium and glass facade 14 Shenzhen city hall building
15 City hall square and skyscrapers 16 Trade fair building
17 Shenzhen city hall building 18 Street and skyscrapers 19 Shenzhen city hall building 20 Shenzhen city hall building
21 Shenzhen city hall building 22 Skyscrapers 23 Residential skyscrapers 24 Railway station
25 Railway station 26 Railway station 27 Car accident on motorway
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