Xiamen (厦门 in Chinese) is a city on the coast of Fujian province in southeastern China. Due to the beauty of the city and of its surroundings a big tourist centre. The city centre consists of nicely restored colonial era architecture, with shophouses and early 20th century buildings, located in pedestrian areas. Xiamen itself lies on the western side of a 10km wide island, located opposite to the mainland. Around Xiamen there are several other islands and bays. The central area of Xiamen, with most tourist attractions, restaurants and shops, is Siming. Zhongshan street in Siming has now been converted into a pedestrian area where people go for shopping. The most significant Chinese temple in Xiamen is Nanputuo。 This is a large temple complex located south of the centre of Xiamen, between the Wulao peak and the sea.
How to get to Xiamen
It is possible to reach Xiamen by bus, train of plane. Xiamen has an international airport.
There are countless hotels in Xiamen, many bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Baggage retrieval area in airport 02 Pedestrian area 03 Pedestrian area 04 Chinese food shop 05 Dried seafood and fruits
06 Dried seafood and fruits 07 Siming South road 08 85 degrees daily cafe 09 Jiangxia hall
10 Jiangxia hall east gate 11 Jukou street 12 Colonnade in Zhongshan road 13 Chinese tea shop 14 Tea jars
15 Tea shop in Zhongshan road 16 Tea shop in Zhongshan road 17 Tea shop in Zhongshan road 18 Ticket booth of ferry terminal 19 Zhongshan road pedestrian area
20 Chinese tourist posing under stone arch 21 Shops in Zhongshan road 22 Jukou street intersection with Zhongshan road
23 Zhongshan pedestrian area 24 Pole-mounted transformers 25 Transformer 26 Jukou street 27 Siming cinema
28 Siming south road 29 Miao Xiang seafood street 30 Miao Xiang seafood street 31 Ice-cream lollies
32 Siming street scene 33 Siming street scene 34 Hongshan park 35 Qingfu temple
36 Overseas Chinese museum 37 Overseas Chinese museum 38 Chinese junk in Overseas Chinese museum 39 Chinese emigrants to the USA
40 Ancient swords in Overseas Chinese museum 41 Nanputuo temple gate 42 Nanputuo temple gate 43 Nanputuo temple entrance
44 Nanputuo temple 45 Nanputuo temple 46 Nanputuo temple
47 Nanputuo temple 48 Stone pagoda 49 Nanputuo temple inner court 50 Dabei pagoda in Nanputuo temple
51 Wulao peak 52 View towards Conrad and Shimao hotels 53 Nanputuo temple
54 Xiamen skyline 55 Nanputuo temple
56 Buddhist monk robes drying 57 Restaurants in Siming south road 58 Hotel Conrad 59 Kitty museum pedestrian area
60 Kitty museum pedestrian area 61 Kitty museum pedestrian area 62 Kitty museum pedestrian area 63 Night market 64 Conrad and Shimao hotel towers
65 Shimao Emall shopping complex 66 Shimao Emall shopping complex 67 Shimao Emall shopping complex 68 Sand pavement at night 69 Beach on east coast
70 Beach promenade 71 Beach on east coast
72 Beach on east coast 73 Beach on east coast
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