All over Beijing there are a number of shopping malls, which are open seven days/week. The Shin Kong Palace (新光天地) is a Taiwanese department store with over 900 international brands. The Jiayi PLaza (佳亿广场) is a fashionable shopping mall in the Chaoyang area. The China Central Mall in Chang’an Street is a high end shopping mall with a total area of 40000 m² on five-stories. The New Yansha Mall is a large mall located in the west of Beijing, with 600000 m² over six floors. This mall is targetted for middle-class Chinese and has 230 escalators and over 1000 shops.
01 Jiayi Plaza 02 Jiayi Plaza 03 Jiayi Plaza 04 Jiayi Plaza 05 Jiayi Plaza
06 Fenghuanghui mall 07 Chanel shop 08 China Central Mall 09 China Central Mall
10 Astronaut 11 China Central Mall 12 China Central Mall 13 China Central Mall 14 Raffles City 15 Raffles City
16 New Yansha mall 17 New Yansha mall
18 Hailong Dasha mall
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