Sanlitun (三里屯 in Chinese) is located in Chaoyang, a district west of the Forbidden City not far from the Guomao area. Sanlitun includes the Taikoo Li shopping area in the north, which is full of modern and sophisticated buildings and houses many stores and shops. South of the Gongren Tiyuchang road lies the SOHO compound, with several sophisticated office, commercial and residential towers. Here there are many cafes and restaurants. Skateboarders meet in the central round square in the SOHO complex. Sanlitun attracts a young and hip crowd and many foreign tourists, due to its shopping opportunities and nightlife.
01 Taikoo Li plaza 02 Taikoo Li shopping area 03 Uniqlo store 04 Uniqlo store
05 SOHO tower 06 Taikoo Li tower 07 Taikoo Li pedestrian area 08 Bauhaus store 09 HM store 10 Gongren Tiyuchang north road
11 SOHO tower 12 Sanlitun SOHO 13 Sanlitun SOHO 14 SOHO plaza 15 SOHO plaza
16 SOHO area with restaurants 17 SOHO plaza at dusk
18 SOHO plaza at dusk 19 SOHO plaza at night
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