This gallery contains some skylines of Beijing taken from different locations north of the Forbidden city. Since Beijing is located in a plain, it continually expands in all directions with its urban area already exceeding 1300 km². The Olympic park or Olympic Green (北京奥林匹克公园, Běijīng Àolínpǐkè Gōngyuán in Chinese) is a park in the Chaoyang area which was set up for the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. It contains the Beijing National Stadium (国家体育场, guójiā tǐyùchǎng in Chinese, also known as the Bird's Nest), which was used to host a number of sports competitions during the 2008 olympics. The Beijing Nan train station is located in the south of Beijing and is the starting point for the trains to Tianjin. The Beijing International Airport is the main international airport of Beijing and is located about 25km northeast of the city centre.
01 Beijing skyline 02 Dianmen street
03 Hutong skyline
04 Beijing skyline
05 Beijing skyline
06 Beijing skyline
07 Beijing skyline
08 Beijing National Aquatics Centre 09 Linglong pagoda 10 Xinao shopping center 11 Beijing national stadium
12 Bird nest stadium 13 Niaochao stadium at night 14 Bird nest stadium
15 Beijing national stadium at night 16 Beijing Nan train station 17 Beijing Nan train station
18 Train platform 19 Beijing-Tianjin high speed train 20 Airport roof 21 Beijing airport 22 Airport gates area
23 Air China plane 24 Boarding the plane
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