Changling (长陵 in Chinese) is the largest and most significant of the Ming tombs open to the public. It is the mausoleum of Yong Le (1360-1424), the third emperor of the Ming dynasty and his wife Xushi. The construction of the main structure, the underground palace, began in 1409 and was completed in 1427. The tomb site consists of the underground palace with a burial chamber and a surface palace.
01 Ticket counter 02 Main gate 03 Chinese characters 04 Gate of eminent favour
05 Chinese soldiers 06 Actors in ancient Chinese costumes 07 Hall of eminent favour 08 Hall of eminent favour 09 Sacred silk burner
10 Statue of emperor Yong Le 11 Statue of emperor Yongle 12 Green jade brazier cover 13 White jade sculpture 14 Green jade accessory with dragon design
15 Soul tower 16 Chinese girl 17 Soul tower 18 Gate of eminent favour 19 Stele pavilion
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