Lying in the plains in southern Cambodia at the confluence of the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers, Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. With one million inhabitants it is the largest city in Cambodia and also its economic and political centre. Once considered the most beautiful of the cities in French Indochina, Phnom Penh has suffered during the dark years of the war and civil war, but has managed to preserve its rich colonial and cultural heritage. It has beautiful temples and palaces, colonial architecture, wide boulevards with immaculate parks, and a charming palm fringed riverfront with restaurants and cafes.
01 Wat Ounalom 02 Wat Ounalom 03 Wat Ounalom 04 Wat Ounalom 05 Old colonial era building
06 Old colonial era building 07 National museum 08 National museum 09 Colonial era building
10 Hotel Renakse 01 Chanchhaya Pavilion 02 Gate 03 Gate and temples
04 Chanchhaya Pavilion 05 Throne hall 06 Throne hall 07 Throne hall
08 View of compound 09 Chanchhaya Pavilion rear view 10 Banquet hall
11 Hor Samran Phirun pavilion 12 Library 13 Pavilion of Napoleon III 01 Wat Preah Keo Morokat Buddhist temple 02 Wat Preah Keo Morokat Buddhist temple
03 Decorative column in garden 04 Pavilion with statue of King Norodom 05 Phnom Mondop 06 Stupa of King Ang Doung 07 Stupa of King Ang Doung 08 Stupa of Princess Kantha Bopha
09 Stupa of Princess Kantha Bopha 10 Stupa of King Suramarit and Queen Kossomak 11 Stupa of King Suramarit and Queen Kossomak 12 Couroupita guianensis flower 13 Praying figure gate metal artwork 14 Praying figure gate metal artwork
01 Buddhist temple 02 Buddhist temple 03 Buddhist temple 04 Buddhist monks 05 Cambodian and Vietnamese flags
06 Cambodia Vietnam friendship monument 07 Cambodia Vietnam friendship monument square 08 Cambodia Vietnam friendship monument 09 Pannasastra university 10 Pannasastra university
11 Independence monument 12 Independence monument square 13 Independence monument 14 Buddhist institute and temple
15 Buddhist temple 16 Fun fair 01 Tourist boats anchored in Tonle Sap river 02 Riverside walk
03 Riverside walk 04 Building along Sisowath quay 05 Lampposts 06 Monument to Norodom Sihanouk 07 Lampposts
08 Lamppost and pavilion 09 Pavilion 10 Flags 11 Tonle Sap river
12 Tonle Sap river 13 Clock 14 Riverside walk 15 Buddhist monks
16 Motorcycle rickshaw and flags 17 Child sleeping on the pavement 18 Motorcycle rickshaws 19 Fruit stall 20 Motorcycle rickshaws
21 Children working on street 22 Restaurant interior at night 23 Restaurant interior at night 24 Tourist area at night 25 Riverside bistro at night
26 Sisowath quay at night 01 Street traffic 02 Street traffic 03 Psar Thmei market
04 Psar Thmei market 05 Flowers vendor 06 Yellow flowers 07 Psar Thmei market
08 Psar Thmei market 09 Inside the Psar Thmei market 10 Street traffic 11 Street traffic 12 Supermarket 13 Motorbike riders
01 Airport at night
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