Running parallel to the Tonle Sap river, Sisowath quay forms Phnom Penh's elegant riverfront. This is a beautiful area with a peaceful and wide riverside walk featuring colonial style lampposts, palm trees and pavilions. Along Sisowath quay, facing the river, are many of the best and liveliest restaurants, cafes and bars of Phnom Penh. This is where tourists converge to relax in the cafes, enjoy the views, stay in the hotels and plan their trip.
01 Tourist boats anchored in Tonle Sap river 02 Riverside walk 03 Riverside walk 04 Building along Sisowath quay 05 Lampposts
06 Monument to Norodom Sihanouk 07 Lampposts 08 Lamppost and pavilion 09 Pavilion 10 Flags
11 Tonle Sap river 12 Tonle Sap river 13 Clock
14 Riverside walk 15 Buddhist monks 16 Motorcycle rickshaw and flags 17 Child sleeping on the pavement 18 Motorcycle rickshaws
19 Fruit stall 20 Motorcycle rickshaws 21 Children working on street 22 Restaurant interior at night 23 Restaurant interior at night
24 Tourist area at night 25 Riverside bistro at night 26 Sisowath quay at night
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