Some photos of Angkor Wat, the largest, most breathtaking and best preserved monument of Angkor. It was probably built as a temple and a funerary monument to Suryavarman II (who ruled between 1112-52) to honour Vishnu, the Hindu god who the king identified with.
01 Panorama view with sandstone causeway 02 Tower 03 View of walkway
04 Stone path 05 Path to central towers 06 Building
07 Frontal panoramic view 08 Frontal panoramic view
09 Frontal panoramic view 10 Main gate 11 Carved stone bar window 12 Carved stone bar window 13 Central towers
14 Central towers 15 Forest path to Angkor Wat 16 Central towers 17 Carved stone bars 18 Bas-reliefs showing warriors
19 Bas-reliefs showing warriors 20 Apsara bas-reliefs 21 Apsara bas-reliefs 22 Central inner court
23 Central inner court 24 Library 25 Library 26 Library
27 Panorama view at sunset 28 View at sunset
29 Sandstone causeway in the rainy season
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