Central Europe is a geopolitical area consisting of Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. It can be thought of the German speaking areas of Europe and the countries which succeeded the Habsburg and German empires. The territory of Central Europe is mostly flat in the north and mountainous in the south. Western Europe consists of France, the Benelux countries, the United Kingdom and Ireland. All Central and Western European countries are members of the European Union and enjoy very high levels of economic development. The predominant religion of this area is Christianity.
Austria photo gallery  - 213 pictures of Austria
Czech republic photo gallery  - 453 pictures of Czech republic
213 photos of Austria, with its capital Vienna and the cities of Salzburg and Innsbruck
453 photos of the Czech republic, a country in central Europe with beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural heritage
Germany photo gallery  - 1803 pictures of Germany
Hungary photo gallery  - 176 pictures of Hungary
Poland photo gallery  - 583 pictures of Poland
Slovakia photo gallery  - 68 pictures of Slovakia
1803 photos of Bavaria with its castles, abbeys, mountains, rural villages, medieval towns and Munich
176 photos of Budapest, the capital of Hungary
583 photos of Poland, a large country in eastern central Europe on the Baltic sea
68 photos of Slovakia, a small country in Central Europe
Slovenia photo gallery  - 38 pictures of Slovenia
Switzerland photo gallery  - 191 pictures of Switzerland
38 photos of Slovenia, a small land-locked country located south of Austria
191 photos of Switzerland, a wealthy and technologically advanced country in the Alps
Principality of Liechtenstein photo gallery  - 31 pictures of Principality of Liechtenstein
Croatia photo gallery  - 391 pictures of Croatia
31 photos of Liechtenstein, a small country in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria
391 photos of Croatia, a small country in southern central Europe
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