Central Asia is a region between Iran, Russia, China and the Himalaya and Pamir mountain ranges. It currently includes five former Soviet republics, which gained their independence following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. The region extends for about 3000km from east to west and about 2200 from north to south. With a population of just 66 million inhabitants spread over an area of 4 million km², Central Asia is very lightly populated. In the past the people of Central Asia were mostly nomads, who were roaming the vast spaces with their herds. Nowadays the region is moderately developed, with Kazakhstan being the wealthiest country.
Kazakhstan photo gallery  - 224 pictures of Kazakhstan
Kyrgyzstan photo gallery  - 175 pictures of Kyrgyzstan
224 photos of Kazakhstan, the largest and wealthiest of the Central Asian countries
175 photos of Kyrgyzstan, a small mountainous country in Central Asia with beautiful sceneries
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