Bulgaria is a Slavic country in southeastern Europe bordering Romania in the north, Greece and Turkey in the south and Macedonia and Serbia in the west.
It is mostly mountainous in the south and west, while in the north and along the Black Sea coast there are plains. Bulgaria is a former eastern bloc country with a long history, dating back to prehistoric times. Between the end of the 14th century and the 19th century Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman empire.
Since the collapse of the Eastern bloc in 1989 Bulgaria has developed towards a market-based economy. Bulgaria has 7 million inhabitats and its capital is Sofia.
The main tourist attractions are the Black Sea coast where there are several resorts, the varying and beautiful landscapes, the well preserved historical and cultural heritage, and the tranquillity of rural and mountain areas.
Price levels for hotels and restaurants in Bulgaria are low to moderate.

01 National palace of culture 02 National palace of culture 03 National palace of culture
04 Governmental palace at night 05 Palace of justice at night 06 Sveta Nedelya church 07 Sveta Nedelya church
08 Altar in Sveta Nedelya church 09 Altar in Sveta Nedelya church 10 Sveta Nedelya church interior 11 Sveta Nedelya church interior 12 Tram
13 St Sofia statue 14 St. George Rotunda church 15 St. George Rotunda church and Roman ruins 16 Ministry of education and science 17 Ministry of education and science
18 Ministry of education and science 19 Fountain at Atanas Burov Square 20 City garden
21 Grand Hotel Sofia 22 Decorative corner tower 23 Decorative corner tower 24 Sveti Nikolai Russian church 25 Sveti Nikolai Russian church
26 Sveti Nikolai Russian church 27 Monument of Tsar Samuil 28 Icon seller 29 Bulgarian Academy of Science 30 Alexander Nevski cathedral
31 Alexander Nevski cathedral 32 National art gallery 33 National art gallery
34 National library 35 Garden St Kliment Ohridski 36 Alexander Nevski cathedral 37 Alexander Nevski cathedral
38 Faculty of history 39 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior 40 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior 41 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior
42 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior 43 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior 44 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior 45 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior 46 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior
47 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior 48 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior 49 Alexander Nevski cathedral interior 50 St Sofia church
51 St Sofia church 52 Corner tower 53 Neoclassical building 54 Institute of ethnology and folklore studies 55 Institute of ethnology and folklore studies
56 Statue of Bulgarian man 57 Largo building 58 Constitutional court building 59 Constitutional court building 60 Sofia  history museum
61 Sofia  history museum 62 Fountain in Tsentralna Banya park 63 Fountain in Tsentralna Banya park 64 Sofia  history museum
65 Banya Bashi mosque 66 Central Sofia market hall 67 Park in front of palace of culture
68 Chreni Vrah boulevard 69 Park Center Sofia mall
70 The Mall 71 The Mall interior 72 Bulgarian national bank
73 Paribas bank and Grand Hotel Bulgaria 74 Alexander Nevski cathedral at night 75 Alexander Nevski cathedral at night 76 Alexander Nevski cathedral at night
77 Alexander Nevski cathedral at night 78 Holy Synod of the Bulgarian orthodox church 79 St Sofia church at night 80 Sveti Nikolai Russian church 81 Sveti Nikolai Russian church
82 National theatre of Bulgaria 83 National theatre of Bulgaria 84 St. George Rotunda church and Roman ruins 01 St Kiril I Metodiy university
02 Tsarevets fortress 03 Veliko Tarnovo
04 New town 05 State art gallery Boris Denev 06 Asen dynasty monument 07 Painted building facade 08 Painted building facade
09 Velchova Tavera square 10 View towards Tsarevets and Trapezitsa fortresses 11 Yantra river 12 Lion statue
13 Tsarevets fortress 14 Tsarevets fortress 15 Tsarevets fortress
16 Trapezitsa fortress 17 Veliko Tarnovo 18 Veliko Tarnovo
19 Veliko Tarnovo skyline 20 Ascension cathedral 21 Ascension cathedral
22 Bulgarian flag 23 Tsarevets fortress 24 Ascension cathedral 25 Veliko Tarnovo
26 Veliko Tarnovo 27 Ramparts in Tsarevets fortress 28 Bridge on Yantra river
29 Tsarevets and Trapezitsa fortresses 30 Tsarevets and Trapezitsa fortresses
31 Central post office 32 Nezavisimost street 33 Yantra river 34 State art gallery Boris Denev
35 Asen dynasty monument 36 Veliko Tarnovo 37 Old houses
38 Sveti Konstantin I Elena church 39 Old houses 40 Asen dynasty monument 41 State art gallery Boris Denev 42 Arbanassi
43 Park in Arbanassi 44 Arbanassi 45 Monument of Mother Bulgaria 46 Hristo Botev street 47 Regional health insurance fund
48 Bronze bust 49 Guns not allowed sign in restaurant 50 Tsarevets fortress 51 Orthodox church
52 Orthodox church 53 Tsarevets fortress 54 Trapezitsa fortress
01 Ramada hotel 02 Garden of Tsar Simeon 03 Plovdiv municipality 04 Plovdiv municipality
05 Stefan Stambolov square 06 Fountain and municipality building 07 Plovdiv municipality
08 Fountain and municipality building 09 Stefan Stambolov square 10 Staircase in pedestrian area
11 Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis 12 Dzhumaya square 13 Dzhumaya square
14 Dzhumaya mosque 15 Dzhumaya mosque 16 Fruits seller 17 Roman amphitheatre 18 Telecommunications antennas
19 Tourist information centre 20 History museum 21 St Konstantin and Elena church 22 Nebet Tepe archaeological site
23 Plovdiv skyline 24 Park
25 Wall paintings 26 Wall paintings 27 Knyaz Alexander I pedestrian area 28 Together Plovdiv 2019
29 Soldiers statue 30 Flag decorations 31 Pedestrian area with flag decorations 32 Assumption of the holy virgin church
33 Assumption of the holy virgin church 34 Tsar Boris III Obedinitel boulevard 35 Mosaic wall painting 36 Wall paintings 37 City gallery of fine arts
38 Mevlevi Hane dervish monastery 39 Mevlevi Hane dervish monastery 40 Sculpture in old town 41 Ethnographic museum
42 Municipal institute ancient Plovdiv 43 Hindliyan house 44 Mall Plovdiv
45 Mall Plovdiv 46 Sveta Petka church 47 Roman amphitheatre
48 Old town at night 49 Hisar Kapia gate 50 Hisar Kapia gate 51 Ethnographic museum 52 Rahat Tepe beer house
53 Plovdiv skyline 54 Hisar Kapia gate 55 Saint Nedelya church
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