The city of Kazanlak has 47000 inhabitants and is located at the foot of the Balkan mountains in the centre of Bulgaria. In the plains near Kazanlak lavender and rose flowers are grown. Roses are used for the production of rose oil. The Thracian tomb in Kazanlak has been listed as a UNESCO world heriatge site since 1979. The tomb is in the Tulbeto park and is closed for visitors to preserve the paintings in the walls. Tourists can visit a 1:1 replica of the tomb.
01 Lavender fields
02 Lavender fields 03 Lavender fields 04 Park rose garden 05 Rose museum
06 Rose museum 07 Rose oil distillery 08 Tulbeto park 09 Thracian tomb
10 Thracian tomb 11 Path to Thracian tomb replica 12 Thracian tomb replica 13 Thracian tomb replica 14 Thracian tomb replica
15 Thracian tomb replica 16 Hotel Kazanlak 17 Pedestrian area
18 Thracian woman monument
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