The Ulu Temburong national park is only accessible by boat. From Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei, visitors take one of the high-speed water taxis (travelling up to 80-90 km/h) to the town of Bangar in the Temburong district. From there it's a 30 min. trip by bus to Batang Duri, where visitors board the longboats which bring them up the Temburong river to the Ulu Ulu resort in the park, which is both a hotel and the park headquarter. Around the park HQ there is a network of wooden boardwalks which allow to explore the surrounding forest without having to touch the ground.
01 Road in Temburong district 02 Kampong Batang Duri 03 Rainforest along Sungai Temburong river 04 Tourists boarding the boats 05 Boats
06 Rainforest along Sungai Temburong river 07 Palm trees 08 Ulu Ulu resort and park HQ 09 Taro plant 10 Rainforest path
11 Rainforest ceiling 12 Canopy tower 13 Aluminium tower 14 Tourists pausing near canopy walkway 15 Staircase 16 Suspension bridge
17 Rainforest along Sungai Temburong river 18 Rainforest along Sungai Temburong river 19 Creek 20 Waterfall 21 Waterfall
22 Waterfall
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