The Balkan peninsula extends from central Europe towards Turkey and includes many former east bloc countries, including several countries of the former Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was a country between Austria and Greec which was formed after World War I and existed until 1991. After 1991 Yugoslavia broke down into a number of countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. The northeastern part of the Balkans contains large areas of plains, while the south and west is mostly mountainous. The western coastline along the Adriatic sea is beautiful and has many islands.
Croatia photo gallery  - 473 pictures of Croatia
Serbia photo gallery  - 87 pictures of Serbia
Bosnia and Herzegovina photo gallery  - 70 pictures of Bosnia and Herzegovina
473 photos of Croatia, a small country in southern central Europe
87 photos of Serbia, a southern Slavic country bordering Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania
70 photos of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a small almost completely landlocked country in the Balkans
Macedonia photo gallery  - 167 pictures of Macedonia
Bulgaria photo gallery  - 211 pictures of Bulgaria
Albania photo gallery  - 134 pictures of Albania
167 photos of Macedonia, a small Slavic country between Serbia and Greece
211 photos of Bulgaria, a Slavic countries in southeastern Europe bordering Turkey
134 photos of Albania, a small country in the Balkan peninsula on the Adriatic and Ionian seas
Montenegro photo gallery  - 111 pictures of Montenegro
Romania photo gallery  - 242 pictures of Romania
111 photos of Montenegro, a small country in the Balkans with impressive coastal and mountain scenery
242 photos of Romania, a large country in southeastern Europe with a distinct language and culture
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