The waterfront area extends for several km from the ferry terminal in the northeast to the national flag square in the southwest. The Milli park is a green strip running parallel to the coast. Along it there are a number of malls and a fun fair. There are no beaches in this area. The area is popular with cyclists and skaters. After the old town, a staircase or a funicular lead to the Flame towers. At the southwestern end is the national flag whose 162m pole is the world's tallest.
01 National flag 02 National flag 03 Baku boulevard
04 Skyline with national flag 05 Baku boulevard
06 Xalca restaurant 07 Exhibit in museum 08 National flag
09 Fallen heroes monument 10 Fallen heroes monument 11 TV tower 12 Turkish war monument 13 Marriott Absheron hotel
14 Marriott Absheron hotel 15 Milli park 16 Promenade 17 Milli park
18 National flag 19 National Flag square 20 Crystal Hall
21 Crystal Hall 22 Crystal Hall
23 Crystal Hall 24 International Mugham Centre
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