The architecture in central Baku consists mostly of 19th and 20th century buildings in Neoclassical style. This area is relatively clean, with well maintained streets and buildings. The 28 Mall lies Jafar Jabbarli square next to the old railway station building. In the evenings and weekends the fountains square fills up with people. This is a large and elegant square with many trees, shops and cafes. Northeast of the old town lies a large pedestrian area which extends over several blocks. Here there are many restaurants, shops and cafes.
01 Clock tower on  Istiglaliyyat street 02 Building in Aziz Aliyev street 03 Fountain 04 Pedestrian area
05 Hard Rock cafe 06 Tofiq Bahramov republican stadium 07 Tofiq Bahramov republican stadium
08 Tofiq Bahramov republican stadium 09 Old railway station building 10 Old railway station building
11 Azerbaijan state oil and industrial university 12 Jafar Jabbarly statue 13 Baku central station 14 German grill stall
15 Jafar Jabbarli square 16 Baku central railway station 17 Residential building
18 Baku central railway station 19 Hezi Aslanov street 20 Hazi Aslanov street 21 Hazi Aslanov street
22 Qara Qarayev monument 23 Nizami cinema building 24 Building on Samad Vurgun street 25 Building on Samad Vurgun street
26 Imadaddin Nasimi monument 27 Nizami street pedestrian area 28 Nizami street pedestrian area 29 Fountains square at dusk
30 Fountains square at dusk 31 Nargiz shopping mall
32 Fountains square at dusk 33 Fountains square 34 Fountains square at dusk
35 Fountains square at dusk 36 Fountains square 37 Fountains square at dusk
38 Merry-go-round
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