Graz is a city of 288000 inhabitants located in the plains of southeast Austria, south of the Alps and 140km southwest of Vienna. It is the capital of the Austrian region of Styria and is Austria's second largest city. Graz is a "university city" because 60000 of its 288000 inhabitants are students.
The area in and around Graz has been settled since the Copper Age. In the 12th century Graz became an important commercial centre. The first university was founded by Archduke Karl II in 1585. Fortifications were set up on the Schlossberg at the end of the 16th century and later demolished in the 19th century.
Nowadays Graz has a beaufitul historic core with many old buildings, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999.
How to get to Graz
Graz can be reached by train and motorway and even has a small airport with flights to a number of European cities
There are many hotels and guesthouses, most bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Plague column 02 Mary statue 03 Flowers for sale 04 Mariahilferkirche church 05 Mariahilferkirche church
06 Mariahilferplatz square 07 Mur river 08 Kunsthaus exhibition centre
09 Kunsthaus exhibition centre 10 Murgasse alley 11 Murgasse alley 12 Murgasse alley 13 Cosmetics healthcare store
14 Cosmetics healthcare store 15 Hauptplatz square 16 Town hall 17 Building on Hauptplatz with Geox store
18 Murgasse alley 19 Murgasse alley 20 Plais Saurau gate 21 Ballhausgasse alley 22 Trinity plague column 23 Gate to Schlossberg on Karmeliterplatz
24 Gate to Schlossberg on Karmeliterplatz 25 Red tulips 26 Schlossberg park 27 Schlossberg park 28 Schlossberg park
29 Schlossberg park 30 Schlossberg park 31 Schlossberg park 32 Schlossberg park with pink tree flowers 33 Schlossberg park with pink tree flowers
34 Schlossberg park with pink tree flowers 35 Schlossberg park 36 Schlossbergdom
37 Schlossbergdom 38 Graz skyline 39 Kunsthaus exhibition centre
40 Graz skyline 41 Soldiers memorial 42 Pink flowers 43 Pink flowers
44 Staircase to Schlossbergplatz 45 Cafe on Schlossbergplatz 46 Trinity church 47 Statue of Archduke John fountain momument 48 Town hall 49 Tram on Hauptplatz square
50 Sporgasse near Hauptplatz 51 Building on Hauptplatz 52 Building on Hauptplatz 53 Cafe Schwalbennest 54 Franciscan church 55 Brown building on Murgasse
56 Brown building on Murgasse 57 Neuroth Haus des Hoerens 58 View towards Schlossberg 59 Schlossberg clock tower 60 Mariahilferkirche church 61 Mariahilferplatz square
62 Trade fair 63 Messe Graz 64 Trade fair
65 Messe Graz 66 Trade fair 67 Messe Graz
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