The Republic of Austria (sterreich in German) is a landlocked country in central Europe, sandwiched between Germany and the Czech republic in the north and Italy and Slovenia in the south. Its capital is the city of Vienna. Austria is a largely mountainous country due to its location in the Alps. In the past centuries Austria was the centre of the Austro-Hungarian empire, in which the Habsburg dynasty ruled over large parts of central Europe. Nowadays Austria is a relatively small country, which attracts a large number of tourists due to its incredible cultural heritage and impressive natural scenery.
Vienna photo gallery  - 107 pictures of Vienna
Innsbruck photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Innsbruck
Salzburg photo gallery  - 28 pictures of Salzburg
107 photos of Vienna, the capital of Austria, with churches, museums, the downtown area and the Schoenbrunn castle
11 photos of Innsbruck, the capital of the state of Tirol (also spelled Tyrol)
28 photos of Salzburg, one of the major tourist attractions in Austria.
Graz photo gallery  - 67 pictures of Graz
67 photos of Graz, the capital of Styria and Austria's second largest city
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