The Central Business District in central Sydney, often referred to as the CBD, is the main commercial area of Sydney. The CBD is home to many of Australia's tallest skyscrapers. Many Australian and international companies have headquarters or offices here. The district contains a number of pedestrian areas and shopping centres and many restaurants.
01 Street musician with didgeridoo 02 Sydney Central mall 03 Skygarden mall 04 The Strand building 05 Shopping arcade 06 Ernst Young tower
07 Entrance to Chinatown 08 Pavement and restaurants 09 Street and skyscrapers 10 Skyscraper 11 Skyscraper 12 AMP observation tower
13 Pedestrian area and skyscrapers 14 Skyscrapers and advertisement 15 Skyscraper 16 Skyscraper reflection 17 Harbour area building 18 Skyscrapers and street intersection
19 HSBC tower 20 Grace hotel 21 Street 22 Queen Victoria building 23 Street and skyscrapers
24 Bank of Australasia building 25 Colonial era building 26 Central station
27 Central station 28 Ice cream parlour 29 Old Sydney customs house 30 Old Sydney customs house
31 Inside the customs house 32 Inside the customs house
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